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Stare at These Desserts That Look Like Bouquets

Late last month, a few of my coworkers began to notice a flurry of cakes that resembled bouquets suddenly populating their Instagram feeds. They told me this genre of dessert was the spiritual sister to the terrarium cake, marked by an abundance of flowers that look like something you’d find at a bridal shower, at once both tranquil and festive. Lately, we’ve started to see enough of these desserts that we believe it’s ossifying into a trend.

The Hypnotic Beauty of Indonesian Terrarium Cakes
The Hypnotic Beauty of Indonesian Terrarium Cakes
by Mayukh Sen

It began when we were all utterly dumbstruck upon encountering our friend Molly Yeh’s “bouquet cookies” a few weeks ago. These are arranged as carefully as ceremonial corsages, with lush patches of buttercream roses and hydrangeas.

These confections, I’m sorry to report, aren’t united under a hashtag. But after pondering various permutations of this portmanteau—bouqu-akes? bou-cakes? bouquekes?—we have internally settled on nomenclature that we’re ready to share with the world. Behold the bouqcake.

Okay, so the term isn’t exactly new. We won’t pretend like we coined it. If you’ve got a better suggestion, we’re willing to entertain it.

No matter. Whatever you call them, perhaps you’ll begin to see more of these bouquets adorning desserts, and soon.

Party cakes!

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I have buttercream in places where there should never be buttercream.

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1 pound flower buttercream cake

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