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An Any-Budget Guide to the Best Bath Towels on the Internet

A few years ago around the holidays I decided to splurge on something special for myself—not fancy wireless speakers or a luxe coffee table book, not chocolates or yoga classes but… bath towels. It had been an egregiously long while since I’d swapped mine out and it felt like the time was right. And I gifted them to myself because, while a necessity, nice bath towels still feel indulgent. Buying them in pairs even more so.

That purchase is still paying dividends—not to mention keeping me dry—so I’m here today to evangelize for investing in those (preferably long-looped, superfine) staples of your daily bathing ritual.

Photo by James Ransom

Here are ten bath towels worth treating yourself to—whether you’d like to spend a lot or a little.

Coyuchi Air Weight™ Bath Towel, $48 each

Coyuchi’s Fair Trade Certified™ towels are loomed from pure organic cotton and come in a range of earthy tones. (A pair of these in “Truffle” was my splurge those many moons ago.) With a twill weave and rolled self-hem, these sturdy towels retain their shape and dry quickly.

Cleverly Laundry Striped Superfine Cotton-Terry Towels, $165 for a set of 3

Cleverly Laundry founders Amelia McPhee and Roshana Lewis came to bath linens via architecture, one of the, we’ll say, less trodden paths. But their sense of refinement and eye for detail lends itself well to their line of produced-in-Portugal cotton-terry towels, which feature mitered corners and extra-long superfine loops, on a grey ground for a lived-in, vintage feel.

Snowe Bath Sheet, $48 each

Founders Rachel Cohen and Andres Modak set out to create a versatile, foundational line of home goods in Snowe, and their seriously sumptuous bath sheets are no exception. Made in Portugal of 100% long-staple cotton, each fiber is trapped with air for superior absorbency and maximum plushness (plus, they’re quick-drying and hypoallergenic!).

Matteo Home Riviera Bath Towel, $70 each

While maybe best known for bed linens, Matteo Home’s ultra-luxe 100% Turkish cotton bath towels are no afterthought. They come in no less than 17 colors (customers can purchase a sample swatch to determine their favorite hue) and are made to order. And did we mention they feature a convenient towel hook?

IKEA Åfjärden Bath Towel, $13.99 each

If you’re looking for extra-thick cotton-terry on a budget, IKEA’s Åfjärden bath towels just might be the chunky knit of your dreams. Soft and durable—and under $15—they’re further proof that IKEA can do no wrong.

Rikumo Vintage Waffle Bath Towel, $118 each

The soft, textured plaits of Rikumo’s cotton-linen waffle bath towel, which are inspired by a vintage Japanese weaving technique, make it cozy like a well-worn sweater. If getting that much closer to achieving your #hyggegoals isn’t reason enough to splurge, we don’t know what is.

Restoration Hardware 802-Gram Turkish Bath Towel, $24 each

Restoration Hardware’s impressively decadent towels, loomed from a heavyweight long-staple cotton, are proof positive that sometimes high style doesn’t come with a prohibitive price tag.

H&M Herringbone Bath Towel, $17.99 each

Know and love H&M for its affordable, fuss-free fashion? Then you need to acquaint yourself with the brand’s home line, a budget decorating go-to from which we plucked this cotton herringbone bath towel. Shop now, thank us later.

Anthropologie Linen-Bordered Westchester Bath Towel, $30 each

Anthropologie’s 100% combed cotton bath towel is loomed in Portugal for an ultra-soft feel. Better yet, it features a distinctive linen border and is available in five gorgeous colorways.

In Bed 100% Organic Cotton Bath Towel, $98 each

Another great Aussie import, Pip Vassett’s In Bed is also maybe unsurprisingly best known for its bed linens. But the brand’s organic cotton bath towel, made with the utmost care in Imabari, Japan, proves that sometimes if you do one thing well, you really can do it all.

Tell us what you look for in a quality bath towel, in the comments.

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