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This Group of Food52ers Makes Us Want to Move to Texas

Valentine’s Day is next week, and whether or not you like the holiday, you’re sure to be charmed by our Food52 Love Connections: All week long we’ll be sharing one heart-warming story a day about connections (romantic and otherwise) fostered through our site.

There are Food52 community members spread out all across the country and around the world, but one of the largest active groups can be found in Texas’ capital.

Many members of the Austin crew have been Food52ers since the early days—collectively, they’ve amassed an impressive number of featured recipes on the site, which means you’ll likely recognize some of their names, like aargersi, arielleclementine, nannydeb, helenthenanny, and mollycumming. And the group is always expanding, drbabs is a recent transplant, and aargersi shares that their gatherings have grown to non-Food52ers as well. (Editor’s note: But… you’re gonna encourage them to sign up, right?)

The group gets together for lunch once a month, and then more sporadically to attend events and to cook together (they used to catalog joint recipe creations under the account Ginger’s Kitchen). One of their recent cooking events was focused on Ottolenghi recipes:

The whole feast, and burrata with blood orange, coriander seeds, and lavender oil.
Photos by aargersi

Also, for the last four years, they’ve gotten together to support Austin’s Girl Scouts Beyond Bars program while enjoying a potluck lunch at mollycumming’s house. As aargersi explains:

We buy gifts for them and their siblings and stuff stockings for their holiday party—in some cases these are the only gifts the girls will get, but honestly, we get as much from it as they do. We also have provided desserts and food for their holiday party when needed.

Photos by aargersi

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to take a trip to Austin.

If you, too, need a little bit of Texas in your life, start here:

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